Old building apartment in Lehel

Field report: Renovation of an old apartment

Amid the enchanting backdrop of Lehel, a venerable old building has experienced a breathtaking renaissance. Riwo Commerce is proud to have helped shape this transformation.

The power of the right tools: Buy grinding wheels in the Abrasives Shop

This impressive renovation project started with a clear vision and the best tools. Our customer chose the powerful Hummel parquet sander and started the work with a coarse 36 grit zircon sanding disc to remove old layers and unevenness. Precise movements created the perfect foundation.

Perfection down to the last detail

For the finishing touches, we used our trusty edge sander to make even the tiniest corners and edges flawless. As the project progressed, we adjusted the grit sizes to make the surface perfect. Finally, we used a finer 60-grit zirconium sanding disc to give the floor a high shine.

The highlight – the disc grinder from our abrasives shop

The absolute highlight of the project was our disc sander, which gave the parquet a radiant beauty. A true artist in our sanding shop, this sanding professional transformed the floor into a masterpiece. Finally, the floor was treated with a high-quality oil that not only emphasized its natural splendor, but also left a protective layer that will withstand the ravages of time.

The finishing touches

We must not overlook the installation of matching skirting boards, a small but crucial addition. These skirting boards are also available in our abrasives shop and ensure a seamless transition from floor to wall, which perfectly rounds off the renovation.

Conclusion: Immerse yourself in the magic of Riwo Commerce

The renaissance of this old apartment in Lehel is a masterpiece of transformation, in which high-quality grinding wheels and abrasives from our abrasives shop played a key role. If you are planning a similar project, visit our abrasives shop. Riwo Commerce stands for quality and reliability in the world of craftsmanship. Let our expertise inspire you and transform your projects into true works of art.

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