The parquet renovation of a kindergarten in Olching

In this blog article, you will learn all about the impressive parquet renovation of a kindergarten in Olching, in which high-quality abrasives from the Riwo Commerce abrasives shop played a decisive role.

The challenge: A kindergarten in new splendour

A Riwo Commerce customer recently had the opportunity to renovate the parquet floor of a kindergarten in Olching. This beautiful project covered an area of ​​300m² and required our high-quality corundum abrasives in various grain sizes.

Preparation and starting with rough grinding

After carefully checking the parquet floor, loose areas were re-glued and the first sanding pass with the sanding belt machine could begin. Whether coarse, medium or fine sanding, the sanding belts from Riwo Commerce always produced an optimal result.

Perfection in the details: edge grinding

The edge sander was then used to perfect the smallest corners and steps. This demonstrated the precision and effectiveness of our abrasives, which helped to restore every detail of the floor to its former glory.

The disc grinder and the intermediate sanding

In addition to the sanding belts and discs, we also supplied the sanding grids for this project. Thanks to his precise work, the parquet floor became a radiant work of art that gave every room a touch of elegance. Here, the quality of the Riwo Commerce abrasives came into its own again, ensuring an optimal sanding pattern.

Surface treatment – ​​protection through appropriate sealing

Finally, the floor was treated with a high-quality oil from our shop to not only emphasize its natural beauty, but also to ensure appropriate sealing protection. This final treatment was crucial for the longevity of the renovated parquet floor.

Customer satisfaction

Our customers were delighted with the quality of our abrasives and how they contributed significantly to such an impressive result. Craftsmen who use Riwo Commerce abrasives can rely on first-class products that make their work more efficient and effective.

Conclusion and contact options

Overall, the parquet renovation of the kindergarten in Olching was a complete success, and Riwo Commerce is proud to have contributed to ensuring that children can stay and play in a pleasant and safe environment. If you also need high-quality abrasives, visit our abrasives shop and discover the variety of our products. Riwo Commerce stands for quality and reliability in the trades industry.

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