Commercial space in Schwabing

Field report: Renovation of a commercial space

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Schwabing, a commercial space now shines in new splendor, thanks to the competent handling of our products from Riwo Commerce.

The renovation in Schwabing

The renovation began with the Hummel parquet sander, a masterpiece of technology that paved the way for the transformation of the floor.

Precision in the details: The edge grinder

The precise edge grinder then took over the detailed work and ensured that even the tiniest angles were perfected. Our high-quality abrasives from the Riwo Commerce sanding accessories supported this.

The shining highlight: The disc grinder

The highlight of the project was undoubtedly the use of the disc sander. Its artistic technology gave the parquet a radiant beauty that delighted the customers. Here, once again, the quality of Riwo Commerce abrasives was evident.

Long-lasting protection with high-quality oil

Finally, the floor was treated with a high-quality oil that not only highlighted its natural splendor, but also left a protective layer that will withstand the wear and tear of time. Our abrasives and products are indispensable helpers for craftsmen carrying out renovations.

Satisfied costumers

Riwo Commerce is not just an ordinary player in the field of parquet laying or renovation. Our heart beats for the fascinating world of sanding accessories and abrasives. We are the specialists that tradesmen rely on when it comes to taking renovation projects to the next level.

We consider sanding as an art form, as the refinement of surfaces and the transformation of materials. Our customers are not ordinary craftsmen; they are the artists of renovation, the magicians of finishing.

Conclusion and contact options

The transformation of this commercial space in Schwabing was a true triumph, and Riwo Commerce is beaming with pride to have been a part of this impressive transformation. If you are also looking for excellent abrasives and first-class grinding accessories, I warmly invite you to explore our grinding art refuge. Riwo Commerce symbolizes quality and reliability in craftsmanship.

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